This year I'm going to try something new and set few resolutions. Apparently the odds are against me but I think the trick is to make them actionable, attainable, measurable, and positive (vs trying to avoid negative things).

My list:

  1. Demo Stuff
    Conduct 6 demos (at work or elsewhere) on technologies / stuff I don't know today (or don't know it well enough to demo)

  2. Contribute Valuable Public Content
    Add 5 pieces of knowledge to public domain that are of high value to at least one person.

  3. Ollie The Curb
    Ollie onto a 5" curb while keeping all remaining teeth intact.

  4. Improve The Life Of Someone Less Fortunate
    Not as easy to measure, thinking maybe completed by unsolicited feedback.

  5. Own Less Things
    End the year owning at least 10% less stuff.

  6. Save And Invest
    at least 20% of each paycheck. Don't lose money.

  7. Book Notes
    Add meaningful notes for 4 favorite books (inspired by Derek Sivers).

  8. Zen
    100 days of 10+ min meditation.

  9. 10 Photos
    Take 10 new and different photos (unlike any in the past).

  10. Learn New Programming Language; implement something useful with it.
    Could this be the year of Scala?